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JR Retro is the online presence of a small watchmaker’s shop in North Carolina run by me, John Roberts. 

I am a self-taught watchmaker who has learned over time to be able to repair and restore quartz movement watches of all makes. I am especially knowledgeable in the repair and restoration of vintage Gucci watches from the period of 1980/ 1990 when Gucci was in the beginnings of its production of unique watches. Gucci started making watches in Italy but quickly moved to Switzerland for the knowledge, experience, and quality of the Swiss timepiece industry. 


My personal love is the Gucci multi bezel interchangeable watches that were sold by the millions in the 1990’s. This watch is highly desirable due to its uniqueness and variety of different combinations of colors and styles that are available. Its 18K gold plating on stainless steel should last for 30 years and longer. This watch comes with three different distinct bracelets: solid bangle, marina link, and rice link. It also comes with a wide variety of interchangeable bezels both in plastic and metal.  I also repair other Gucci models of this time period which you will see on my site.

It would be my pleasure to repair and restore a perfect watch for both Ladies and Gentlemen to enjoy for many years to come. 

Please take your time and browse thru the different watches that are available. The watches are constantly being sold and replaced with new ones as they become available. 

I can prepare for you a vintage Gucci multi bezel Swiss made watch in its own box for safe keeping. Just contact me with the contact page and we can discuss what you want and I can prepare a quote just for you!


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